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- Make an Elegant Upholstered Cornice -
Part Two: Upholstering.

 Judy cut some 1" dacron fill to cover and soften the board. She added two layers, each long enough to wrap the end pieces. She tacks the dacron on using staples, and smoothing it to eliminate bunching. She adds the second layer and staples sparingly.  

   She marks the center of the cornice in several places, folds her fabric in half and makes a small notch in it to mark the center.

She aligns her fabric to the center of the board and tacks it into place top, bottom, left and right. This is simply to provide some tension and even the dacron out. Now is a good time to make sure that the fabric is straight and centered.
She sets a few staples along along the top and sides, keeping in mind that these might have to be removed later on as the profile develops.


Judy begins tacking the profile at the center and working her way out toward one side. She snips into the intersection of the two shapes and tacks out to it. She makes relief cuts rather than pleating the curves, but as this edge will be covered with welt, it's not necessary. Here she tacks into the edge. If this cornice were to be left plain on the edge, she would have to tack to the inside of the face.

 Judy fits and tensions her fabric, staples into the edge to maintain the profile and then staples the extra fabric onto the back of the plywood.  
For the sharp point, she will fold one edge under and the other over, tacking each to maintain the shape.

   When the profile is finished, she will even out the fabric by pulling away from the center and bottom, stapling the top and sides. One last check that the pattern is straight and centered and that the dacron is even and smooth, then it's on to the welt.

Cutting Upholstering Welt Finish

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