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- Make an Elegant Upholstered Cornice -
Part Three: Welt

As mentioned at the beginning, there are several ways to finish a cornice bottom. Among them are Welt, Decorative Cords, Gimp or Plain. Most boards with a profile will have to be finished with something, as it's very difficult to cover the profile without exposing your relief cuts. A plain board will give a nice clean appearance with a plain bottom. To finish the bottom with gimp or decorative cord, simply follow the directions in Part Four.

 Judy cuts strips out of the fabric at about 2". She cuts on the bias, using her ruler (really big ruler) to lay out the cuts. She snips and then holds down her fabric on both sides and leaving her shears slightly open, glides her scissors through the fabric. I've watched her do this for years, but I can't do it. You might try it. If you cut the miles of fabric that she does in a year, it's a real wrist saver.  

   She sews the welt strips together face to face, end to end to create one continuous strip. The end of the first is left face up and sewn to one end of the second face down. Then she takes the other end of the second and lays it over face up and repeats the process. When she has enough, she simply snips between the ends to separate them into one long strip.

 She sews the welt strips around the cord. When she gets to a seam in her strip, she folds the leading edge forward, and the trailing edge back before she sews it together. She has a welting foot, but this is simply a thinned web foot that I ground down for a special job.  

   Next, she lays another strip face up and sews the welt edge to it. After the welt is stapled to the edge of the cornice, this strip will fold over it and cover the staples and staple into the inside of the panel. This will give a very clean look to the whole edge.

Now,we're ready to finish the board.

Cutting Upholstering Welt Finish

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